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Massage gun for Sore Backs & Hips
Deep Tissue Massage gun
Best Massage gun of 2020
Deep Tissue Massage gun
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Function Massage Gun

Function Therapy
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 One Massage Gun Away From A New You! 

Introducing the best Massage gun of 2020. Anyone who suffers from Knee or back pain will tell you there is nothing fun about it as every day tasks turn into everyday frustrations. However you are not alone, or out of options. Tight IT bands and hips are among the leading cause for lower back and knee pain, causing inflammation and aching muscles. With as little as 5 minutes a day our Massage gun will loosen up the tight muscles around the knee, or around the hip area, which will reduce inflammation, allowing your sore knee or lower back to loosen up and go back to its full range of motion.

Check out our customer referrals to see real results to see how we helped solved Aching knee & lower back pain in less than a week! 



Our Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Is designed to help relax the muscles and relieve tension in the body, which shortens the muscle recovery time between daily activities, as toxic debris are constantly being eliminated to allow the muscles to bounce back within the shortest possible time, this in turn relieves muscle soreness, stiffness and pain.

Our Massage guns work on the muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints, all of which work together to aid mobility. With the consistent use of massage guns, the joints will be more flexible and less prone to strains and sprains. The relaxed muscles will increase blood circulation making you more flexible and increasing your range of motion allowing you to feel young again, and keep up with every day activities. 

We love our Customers and these stories they share with us

"I got my "gun" as I call it, a little over a week ago and in that time it has saved me at least $90 dollars. Allow me to explain. I have had several nagging chronic pain injuries, caused from years spent as a reckless teen in the late 90's and early 00's. My knees, shoulders, back and most importantly my neck are in pretty rough shape. A lot of broken bones and scars later (including a broken neck from a snowboard accident) I am now a frequent visitor to my local chiropractor, physio, and my own home gym to keep myself nimble and healthy.

For me a chiro visit is $45 dollars. Well, since lock down started I haven't been able to see my chiropractor. Until last week it had been a grueling four months since my last visit, and two weeks ago I decided to throw caution to the wind and get an impact massager; since I've been tempted by them for some time. In the week I've owned it I've used it nearly every day and the two chiropractic visits I would have had to have this week are now totally unnecessary.

The first use takes a little getting used to the feeling of the impact and to learn how to move it across your muscles without hitting joints or bones or without it "jumping" off of you. You don't need to apply very much manual pressure at all to get it working well and stimulating blood flow and loosening muscles. I usually have to have someone else do my spine and back for me as it's a bit hard to reach but a ten or so minute session is all I need to feel loose and have full range of motion again. This effect typically lasts a couple of days; but the great part is my gun is right here, and I can use it whenever I want. It's dead easy to use, and charge, and comes with an assortment of heads and a reasonably good warranty. Works better than advertised, and will truly pay for itself helping me avoid expensive treatments for my injuries.

Overall, so far it seems to be a fantastic buy, and I would recommend it to others like me" 

Ron T (California) 


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