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How buying my first massage gun saved my life...

Okay maybe not as dramatic as saving my life, but improving the quality of my life 100% yes.

As someone who is 6 foot 5 and having played Volleyball for the better part of my life I had my fair share of pain after I graduated from a gruelling 5 year program (In Canada we take 5 years to graduate if playing sports). It was frustrating feeling like I was 50 years old when I was hardly 23. Most noticeable was sharp back pain and tight hips. I've never been a very flexible individual, I still remember in elementary school I couldn't sit cross legged because my hips weren't flexible. Little did I know that my tight hips came from over worked and under stretched IT bands, which in turn gave me knee pain. 


Little things like getting out of bed in the morning, walking up the stairs too fast, or bending over to pick something up without warming up first started to really annoy me - and it should be annoying, it was my body telling me that I needed to finally take care of it after beating it up for the last 5 years. So I did, I booked an appointment with a registered massage therapist, got a massage and was feeling completely better. And then I woke up the next day. Back still hurting? Yup. Knees still bothering me. You bet. Well this is going to be an expensive solution isn't it. 

However that is when I came across the massage gun. I was eager, almost too eager and bought one of the first Massage guns I came across - it was steep almost $350. This might be a small purchase for the working class, however I had just come out of 5 years of only working a few weeks a year with copious amounts of student debt. The good part is that over the next month I was able to fix the trigger points on my back, and was back in the Gym doing squats, a far cry from where I was 30 days earlier. I started to forget about my daily pains and focused on using the Massage gun to improve other areas of my life. Working on flexibility and using the Massage gun for faster muscle recovery from the gym, I couldn't believe the benefits that came with just 5 minutes a day! 


Even to this day I use my massage gun on a regular basis, and have built it into my daily routine, it’s second nature now to me, and I will never go back. When I look back on my journey I would of spent that $350 ten times over to get to where I am. However you don't need to spend $350 to get a quality massage gun, and that is one of the biggest barriers to others not reaping the benefits of a massage gun. This is why Function Therapy was started, to provide these benefits for a fraction of the cost. I've personally only used one Function Massage gun for longer than my other $350 massage gun lasted.